Live Casino the Next Wave of Online Gaming

With the improvement in worldwide internet connection speeds, online casinos have improved their offerings to customers. A recent and exciting development is the Live Casino. The Live Casino brings the excitement, security, and ease of payment to your online gaming experience while avoiding the crowds, travel, and smoke that taint a brick and mortar casino visit.

Live Casino features three of the most popular casino games and brings the experience directly into your home in stunning visual clarity. Live Roulette, Live Blackjack, and Live Baccarat are the trio of games that are offered for your gaming entertainment. The feeling of being in the casino without the noise and distractions enable any gamer to focus on the game at hand. Increased focus usually means fewer mistakes which typically translates into more money in your pockets.

Casino games

blackjack live casinoLive Blackjack deals with easily readable cards. The cards are shuffled directly where you can see them on camera. Bar codes are on all the playing cards so that when scanned a digital representation appears on your screen as well as the card you see on the table. The best of both worlds and just another benefit so that you can focus on playing your best at the table.


roulette Live CasinoLive Roulette is presented in crisp vibrant colors. The payouts for straight wagers and individual numbers are consistent with what land based casinos feature. The rotation of the wheel can be mesmerizing as you watch the ball dance among the pockets. Once the ball arrives in the pocket, the number and color are easy to see. It is a comfort to not have to fight at the roulette table to get those final bets in before action is started.


Live Baccarat also known as Punto Banco the dealer is the house for playing purposes. The same ease of use and reliable game play that was found in Live Blackjack is also featured here. The digital display of your bankroll and what you have on the table is another boon to the online format. You know where you stand at all times instead of sometimes having to pause and count the chips on the table. Mistakes in betting are lessened as you see in clear detail what your wager is and how much you have left in your stack.

Transparency is the key element in knowing whether your gaming experience is above board. The mechanics of the game are all performed in front of you. Detailed statistical analysis of past and present play in Live Casino illuminate what the experienced gamer already knows. The offerings are right in line with the chances you have in any large and established brick and mortar casino.

Live Blackjack, Live Roulette, and Live Baccarat is not only the wave of the future in online gaming; it is the here and now. The comforts of being at home combined with the security of playing at an established online casino make the experience safe and enjoyable. Avail yourself of the opportunity and comfort that Live Casino offers and play today.