Live Baccarat

Banking on Live Baccarat

livebaccaratunibet 400Live Baccarat is the culmination of the evolution in the gaming industry. A combination of the best features of land based and online casinos is brought to your home. At a moment’s notice, one can play baccarat without having to brave the long commute to the casino. Boot up the computer and the excitement of Live Baccarat is brought to you in an attractive and easy to navigate interface.


Baccarat is a card game where the dealer and the player face off to see which one can reach a total closest to nine. The party that has the highest total sum of cards is the winner. Face cards are counted as zero. Aces hold the value of one. When a hand totals greater than ten, the first digit of the ten is dropped off. For example, nine plus eight equals seventeen. The baccarat value of this hand would be seven. A simple game to learn that grows into years of gaming enjoyment.


Two varieties of bets are featured in this game. For the risk adverse player, a wager can be placed on the dealer or the player. The action that is placed on the player pays even money on the bet. A plunge of fifty dollars on the player would get the original money back plus fifty more. If the bettor speculates that the dealer would win, a commission is charged on the winnings. The dealer has a slight advantage in this game and is charged the commission so that the winnings placed on either the dealer or the player will run near equal over the course of the shoe.

A high risk high reward wager is also available for people who want to swing for the fences. The tie wager is available that pays over eight to one on a bet. Imagine the mountain of chips that will be shipped to you if the action results in a tie. A simple hot streak with a few well placed hunches can result in a very profitable session on occasion.

Why play live casino ?

When a player is comfortable, a player tends to think at their best. Distractions are the main reason a gambler of any skill set is thrown off their game. Cramped tables, noise, and smoke are just a few of the hurdles that one must overcome in the land based casino. Combining the aforementioned factors with a few free drinks makes the house edge practically impossible to overcome. Live Baccarat rids a player of these diversions so the focus can be made on giving yourself the best chance to win at the game one chooses to wager in.

Easy to read cards in a high definition environment. Deposit and withdrawal options are available that allow you to collect your winnings hassle free. An enjoyable game in your own distraction free environment makes Live Baccarat the best option for your live online gaming experience. Contact an accredited online casino site today and find out all the advantages that Live Baccarat has to offer.